HMS Inquisition is the leader of the Anglo-American naval taskforce tasked with tracking Hannover. He is based the on Nelson class of battleships commissioned by the British Navy in 1927.

Inquisition is, at best description, corrupt. He lords over his own fleet and civilian vessels with an iron fist, using his main supporters, the other two battleships in the fleet (USS Maine and HMS Gladstone) as his main 'arsenal of discapline.' He is perfectly willing to execute any vessel entering his Headquarters, the Naval Base, without his express permission, and to make unreasonable demands of the harbour populace.

Despite his authorian attitude, his competence is questionable. he has failed to catch a single battleship, despite being in command of three battleships, twelve destroyers and several smaller craft.

Apon his arrival in Bigg City, he immediatly shows his attitude - ordering Bluenose arrested for incompetence, demanding all tugging companies hand over two vessels to help his own sizable fleet and essentially being a complete dictator. It only gets worse as time goes on...