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Part 1:Edit

Ten Cents was steaming out of the Star Fleet docks, taking a long tow of 5 coal barges to Princess Alice, who was stopping in the port for coal. Emily and Frank were helping, and Zorran was due to meet them with more barges. "This here's heavy work, 'eh Emily?", panted Ten Cents. "Remember, I'm just visiting for 3 months", replied Emily. Just then, Zorran arrived, along with a very large tug, with two stacks. He had a shining brass band on each his stacks, that shone like gold, with a big red G on the center. "Wow," said Emily, "Where are you from?". "My name's Admiral, I'm here as part of the Gold Band Fleet. We've started operations in Parkersberg Up River, and we're moving our headquarters to Bigg City now." "I've bet you 'ave a lot of work to do now, with the coal boom and all..." replied Ten Cents. "I 'ave to go now," he said, rather worriedly. "See you two later," said Admiral, rather suspisciously...

        The next day, the Princess Alice was set to leave port. The Star Tugs Warrior, Hercules, Big Mac, Mark, and Allen were to complement her on the way out. Ten Cents, Sunshine, Emily, and Stanley were left to do the day's work.

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