Top Hat is returning from a job up the coast. He is remembering his brother Jake, a Star Tug, who died in an accident where an ocean liner slammed into a munitions barge that Jake was towing. Top Hat begins to cry, and is so blinded by tears that he gets lost. Worried about where he is, and sniffing away the tears, Top Hat blows his whistle. No one answers. Top Hat is about to give up hope when an oil rig named Leon comes into view. Leon has been anchored for quite a bit, and is often lonely. He offers Top Hat a spot to sleep in for the night. Top Hat decides that he needs company, too, and anchors beneath Leon. Top Hat has a dream. In it, he is sailing through a deep fog, and is giving up hope, when a bright tug comes into view. Top Hat has a shock when he realizes it's Jake. Jake tells Top Hat that the Star Fleet is worried about Top Hat, and are searching. He tells Top Hat that he'll tell the tugs where he is in the form of another tug, and that they'll find him in the morning.

The next morning, Top Hat opens his eyes and passes the story as a dream. Just then, Ten Cents comes along, and tells Top Hat about a tug who told him where he was. Top Hat shivers as the thought, but tells Ten Cents thank goodness, and the two sail towards the harbor. As they disappear, Leon vanishes and becomes the ghost of Jake, smiling about saving his brother when his brother couldn't save him...

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