Ggibs City is a City close to Bigg City, home to the Moon Fleet and it's rivals, the T-Piles. It also has sea and rail connections to Bigg City.

Bio Edit

Ggibs City is a large city mainly focused on it's production and shipping enterprises. It has a large harbor and canal system that works it's way into major parts of the city. It's vast rail network connects straight into the Dock Railway, having Uptown as a midway point to Bigg City. It's also know for the Moon Fleet, the pride of the city, whose name comes from the crescent-shaped layout of the harbor. The name of the city comes from the Founder Joshua Ggibs, who founded the town on a wedged-shaped hill. On this wedged-shaped hill is where the town hall, the oldest building in the city, was built and still stands there to this day. Ggibs city is home to a massive rail works that has been able to rival that of Bigg City Rail Repairs. One of it's biggest overhauls was the repair of Sean, after an incident with a jetty, in 2012. Besides the railway, the city is known for it's industrious works and many warehouses and factories near the harbor. Even though industry is a big part of the city's business, they have attracted many tourists, for it's easily connection to Bigg City and for it's grand businesses built along the harbor, the city's main bloodline. It has many Cruise Ship and Liner Docks, for when big ships like the Princess Alice or the Vienna come to Bigg City, people and products go to Ggibs City, since they're connected, to easily reach Bigg City since those big Liners make much confusion for other ships in the Bigg City Port. The logging camps Up River and in Uptown also make deliveries to Ggibs City, since it's industry has a big need for the logs in many of it's factories. The city has a major Navy influence and is close to the Naval Station Bigg City. It's close to the station because the city is a major manufacturer of ammunition and munitions for the base. Anyways, Ggibs City is a main ally to Bigg City and both ports are considered a giant harbor by many, joined together by a network of canals. If the two weren't connected, neither would be the production giant they are today.

Trivia Edit

  • The name, location, and industry are ironic because a gib is a plain or notched, often wedge-shaped piece of wood or metal designed to hold parts of a machine or structure in place or provide a  bearing surface, usually adjusted by a screw or key, so it being found on a wedged-shaped hill and it having a large basis on industry has caused many to find this coincidence amusing.
  • A Naval Submarine was named after the city in it's honor and for it's vicinity to the Naval Station.

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