Gavin is an Uptown tug.

Star Fleet
Harbour Tug


Gavin began service in the mid to late 20's, working with Puffa in the winter during the logging operations. During WWII, he brought naval supplies for the Goods Engine to take to the docks for the naval trampers.In 1950, he was overhauled. In 1953, he was partnered with Renald the N2 on log detail. He enjoys visits to Bigg City Port, especially the canal. He his careful in the canal because of the accident when the Goods Engine fell into Lord Stinker. He is friends with the Star Fleet, and Captain Star often calls him "The Star Fleet's Upriver tug". Gavin chats with Top Hat about the Dock Railway and is an ENDORSER of Billy Shoepack's explosives. Gavin is also being tought by Billy to become a "Master Blaster", as Billy would put it.


Gavin is rough chap who enjoys the Dock Railway and Billy's "fireworks" on the annual Regatta. He is friends with Danny , Renald , and the Star Tugs. He's happiest by the railway and wonders about other ports.


Gavin is based on Tugboat "Pegasas"


  • Gavin appears in Up River as Boomer's model. In later stories, he is seen with Billy Shoepack for his lessons.

Trivia Edit

  • In his original shape, this would have made him Boomer's brother.
  • Gavin is a harbour tug that works in the river.

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