Fred is a friendly Self-Proppelled coastal barge which works with the Moon Fleet.

Bio Edit

He was built in 1939 to serve in the second world war for the Allies,but was stolen by the Nazis.Him,his crew,and his captain didn't like that job,and they ran away.That same year Penny found him laying in an abandoned dock in Bigg City Port.Captain Moon considered taking him for his fleet and said yes when Burke and Blair threatened to scrap him after he accidently crashed into an old Tramp Steamer they were selling to Captain Zero.Although he was sold to Captain Star the following year. He sometimes works up river with Hugh.He is good friends with Penny,Meg,CJ,Frank,Bert,Roger,Emily,and Ten Cents.He seems to enjoy being around Zar,for unkown reasons.

Starrs and Moons Edit

Fred played a fairly minor role in the episode "Starrs and Moons",as he was very new to the Star Fleet at the time,and very shy.He was only seen watching during the breifing,talking to Toño and Freddie,Arguing with Bluenose,helping Matthew bring in Tornado,and bringing some slate over to the Estuary for Hugh to take to Parkersberg during the ending.Although he played major roles in other episodes.

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