Fire In The Library is the sixth episode of the third season of TUGS. It originally aired in 1990. In the episode, the library has been burnt down by a spark from one of the fireworks during the Fireworks Show. A new library is put in it's place, but there's no librarian.

Plot Edit

It's another closing time for the Bigg City Library for the annual Fireworks Display. However, during the big finale, a spark from the finale firework burns down the library and knocks out the janitor. The next morning, Captain Star tells the Star Tugs that a new library will be put in it's place. The library building takes 10 months to build.

During this time, the Tugs think about who was injured in the incident. But finally, after 10 months building, the new library is ready to go. There's just one small problem...there's no librarian!

Captain Star can't decide, because he's not a member of the Job Choosing Group. So he makes the Star Tugs choose. After going around the harbour and upriver, Ten Cents and Sunshine encounter Zip and Zug, whom O.J. mistakes for the perfect librarian, because his glasses have fallen off. Sunshine demands that Ten Cents pick up the glasses from the water, but then Ten Cents shouts the famous line "But I haven't got any hands!"

Mortimer the Quarry Master eventually comes and dives into the sea in Grampus, picking up the glasses. It is only then that O.J. sees Zip and Zug. But luckily, there's a log jam nearby, and so is Billy Shoepack. He sets up some dynamite, which blows the log jam up and down onto Zip and Zug.

And, of course, the janitor is made the new librarian by the previous one, and Captain Star can't wait to check out his first book there.

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