The Eclair Fleet is a new fleet of tugboats in the Bigg City Port. They are owned by Captain Eclair, a clergyman, and they are the rivals of the LGBT Fleet. They never get along with either between the LGBT Fleet and the Eclair Fleet. Back in the 1920's and before the LGBT Fleet was founded they used to get along with the Rangers Fleet but not anymore in 1984. Because they became an evil fleet of tugboats and now they are rivals of the LGBT Fleet.

The Eclair Fleet have a conservative Christian, anti-LGBT basis, and are also infamous for bombing establishments with LGBT, atheism, agnosticism, and nontheism basises. Unlike the LGBT Fleet, they have done their attacks in nearly all 50 US states and in the US territories, such as planting a car bomb and detonating it outside Freethought Hall, the headquarters of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and blowing up a newspaper vending machine dispensing copies of the Gay Life newspaper. They are also infamous for burning down the original Bigg City Welcome Center, after the Freedom From Religion Foundation placed a sign calling religion a myth where it's nativity scene is in the holiday season, the headquarters for a local branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, and a Chick-fil-A restaurant after the company ceased donating to organizations that promote discrimination (specifically against LGBT civil rights).

The colors are black and white and their slogan is "It's all about our revenge."

Fleet Edit

Horst Edit

Number: 1

Model: Harbour Tug

Drex Edit

Number: 2

Model: Harbour Tug

Grunt Edit

Number: 3

Model: Harbour Switcher

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