Dude Village is 18 miles north of Bigg City, and is a small village where the Dock Railway runs thru on trackage formerly used by the Countywide Trolley Co. one of the subsidiaries of the Dock Railway. The tracks run to McDonna Farm where Old McDonna and Mr. Rogers work at.

The railroad tracks at Dude VillageEdit

This part of the Dock Railway through a swamp for the majority of it's length. The former Countywide Trolley Co. trackage's speed limit is only 35 mph. Once, Luñ had to pull empty box cars through the small community, on a portion of track that resembles the entire railroad. This part of the Dock Railway, as you can see, it is known as Amanda Star Jones' favorite part as it is like a shortline. As one can see, it's very hard to imagine that this line was once used for high-speed trollies. In 2011, the Dock Railway had made some minor improvements with track replacement.

Ordering hay bales and other thingsEdit

McDonna Farm is one of the Dock Railway's customers. S. C. Ruffey works there. Cury is based at McDonna Farm.

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