Texas, Oklahoma and Eastern Boxcar

The Dock Railway Symbol on a Boxcar

The Dock Railway is a Class II railroad servicing the Philadelphia metropolitan area, in the states of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.


The Dock Railway came to being when in 1874, English-American entrepenuer Ronald Jones opened what he essentially called a "dock railway", to service the docks and warehouses along the waterfront of Bigg City. Originally with only horse-powered carts and locomotives leased from other companies, the company recieved its first big break when it opened passenger service. With the money, they were able to buy their first two locomotives, Jim and Bob. The business skyrocketed, and they eventually opened a line to Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania the following year. They bought more locomotives, and, in 1885, it officially became the Dock Railway.

In 1909, the company created the Countywide Trolley Co. as a subsidiary, which operated from 1909 until bankruptcy in 1912, after the main locomotive sheds and yards were destroyed by the Great Storm of 1912.


Their logo consist of a green oval with three white arrows going up.