Darryl Zero (January 29, 1899 - May 31, 2013) is Captain Zero's father and former captain of the Z-Stacks. He was previously married to Amanda Star. He was Mr. Richard Jones' rival.


Darryl Zero was born in Bigg City Port to Mr. and Mrs. Zero was good friends with Mr. and Mrs. Star, Darryl and Ronald became best friends and planned to make a fleet called Star & Zero Fleet. They began working in 1923, however, they had both ideas which caused them not to be best friends and Darryl began working on his Z-Stacks and he bought Zorran, Zebedee, Zak, Zug and Zip, he and Amanda got into an arguement after Walter was born and they ended their marriage. Richard Jones and Darryl became rivals in high school after Richard said that Darryl pushed him into the sea at Mittsville. He soon found out that Amanda had remarried to Richard and soon Walter began to like the Star Family, however, Darryl retired and gave the Z-Stacks fleet to Walter and now Walter hate the Star Family even though he is now part of it.

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