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Danny is a Blue CR 812 0-6-0 Mixed-Traffic Engine owned by the Caledonian Railway. He is curently loaned to the Dock Railway at Bigg City Port. He is a close brother of Donald & Douglas from the North Western Railway, likewise having a similar personality. He is good friends with the Star Fleet, and often takes coal to them. On the other hand, he has a fierce rivaly with the Zed Stacks, especially Zip & Zug. He is level-headed, but loves a good joke now and then. It's best not to make him upset, as he has a colorful vocabulary and knows how to get back at his foes. Still, he is a hard worker and will always get the job done. He is the main engine in charge of the Starlite Express.

Since the start of British Railways, he has been permanently based in Bigg City.