Cury is an old rusty steam engine who works at the dock railway

along with puffa, the goods engine, and other steam engines.


Cury was built in 1901 at baldwin locomotive works in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

USA he was transfered to dock railway in Bigg City Port. he joined puffa and the goods engine in 1912

after years and years and years past by and cury was old and rusty and more new engines came to dock

railway in bigg city port.

Joining the Z stacksEdit

in 1999 captain zero needed a steam engine to help the z stacks just like puffa helped the star fleet tugs.

at last captain zero hired cury to help the z stacks. in 2001 captain zero and the z stacks fired cury for not doing a good job.

Goodbye CuryEdit

in 2003 cury is leaving dock railway in bigg city port because he moving to georgia and transferred to

western and atlanta railway.

Welcome backEdit

5 years later, Terrorists blew up one of The Western and Atlanta Railway's yards. Cury was bought again by Casey Jones, and he returned to the Dock Railway. He had Witte smoke deflectors fitted and he was repainted in a special "safety first" green and white scheme. He is now a member of the dock railway.

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