Crow is a LNER Class A3 built in 1923 for British Railways. During his time with British Railways, he crashed into a slow moving goods train near a farm. He was later rebuilt after the accident, and withdrawn from service in 1960. He was later shipped to the USA and was very lucky to even be found by Carlos, considering he spent many years at a Scrap Yard, and in very poor shape when he was pulled out. He was fitted with a cowcatcher, electronic bell used on newer locomotives, Knuckle (AAR Type "E") couplers, American-style whistle, air brakes and high-intensity headlamp. His prominent German-style smoke deflectors and double chimney remained intact. He currently wears the Dock Railway livery and pulls high speed grain trains.


He is a hard working locomotive that loves his job.


Crow is based on the LNER Class A3.