Craig is a crane vessel stationed at Bigg City Port


Craig was built in 1987 by Bigg City Transportation Ltd. for the county's construction company,Bigg Joe's Construction & Co.He was primarily built for the construction of the offshore wind farms near Parkersburg and Grainsville,but when the company closed in 1989 due to loss in stocks and banking,he was sold to the Bigg City Scrapyard near the Star dock.Captain Star saw this and bought him as they needed some help with a ship salvaging job near Dender Rocks.He has since become a valued member in the Star Fleet and helped with many restoration jobs in or nea Bigg City Port,most notably the passenger steamer Peter.Even though he is in the Star Fleet,he is stationed at the Rescue dock.He is good friends with Ten Cents,Emily,and Roger.


Craig is based on the Dutch Sheerleg(can only rotate ship,not crane) crane vessel Taklift 7.

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