Clagmoore, formerly named USS Clagmoore (SS-338) of the US Navy, is a submarine veteran of WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, before being decommisioned in 1982. He is currently owned by Tug Tours, Inc., and takes people around the harbor.


USS Clagmoore was built in 1942-3 by the Bigg City Shipbuilding Co. for the US Navy, but was stolen by German agents after he was commisioned. He was transported across the Atlantic and stored in a Nazi facility near Cherbourg, but was stolen back by American troops after the Battle of Cherbourg. In 1945 after the war, he was sent to patrol Bigg City Port, where he stayed until 1982, when he was decommisioned and due to be scrapped. Tug Tours, Inc. saw the opportunity, and bought him. He has remained there ever since, taking people on tours around the harbor.


Clagmoore is based on the Gato class submarines of the US Navy. He is named after the USS Clamagore, a Balao class submarine.

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