Charlie,aka Old Wheezy,is a car owned by Jonathan Star.


Charlie was built in 1925 by the Ford Motor Company and shipped to a Ford-dealer in Erie,Pennsylvania.There he was bought by 72 year old Henry T. Star,and given to his grandson Ronald Edward Star for a college graduation gift.He stayed with the captain until 1949,when the captain retired.He was given to his son,Rick Star,which kept him as a vintage item until 1960,when he took him around for his first drive since 1951.He drove around the Star Villa,and then drove to the Star dock,when the Stars saw him for the first time in 3 and a half decades.He was very stiff,and he worked very hard,to keep himself running,leading Sunshine and Matthew to nickname him "Old Wheezy".Charlie understood,and started joking with the tugs.In 1979,Rick gave it to his son Matthew Star,who in 1998,gave it to his son,Jonathan Star.He still remains in working order,and was overhauled in 2001 with parts they Jonathan and his wife had found in Ronald Star's old shed.He is temporarily at the Bigg City Historical Museum.


Charlie is based on a modified Ford Model T,also known as Tin Lizzie,Flizzer,T-Model Ford,or T;1925 type "New Model" T Tudor Sedan.