Carl is a older diesel who works on the Dock Railway. He is idolized by Carla, his stablemate, and often pulls freights and also helps other engines.

History Edit

Carl was built experimentally by Electro-Motive Diesel at their La Grange (McCook) locomotive construction shops in 1962 as an "EMD GP34", a so-called "prototype" of the EMD GP35. When EMD was finished using Carl for designing their EMD GP35's, they sold Carl, along with a spare set of locomotive bogies, to the Dock Railway.

In 1994, he was rebuilt by Conrail's Juniata Locomotive shops under contract from the Dock Railway with a EMD 16-710G3A prime mover, a early electronic locomotive bell inbetween his numberboards, lights on his nose, a larger snowplow, and extra headlights on his front porch. He was subsequently given a "EMD GP35-2" remanufacture plate but retained his EMD GP34 classification.

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