Cad is the only ex-Canadian National tank locomotive owned by the Dock Railway.


He was built by the Montreal Locomotive Works in September 1914 for the Grand Trunk Railway, but became a CN locomotive after the creation of the Canadian National Railway in 1923. His CN classification was X-10-a. Along with his sister locomotives, he was based in Montreal and was used exclusively in commuter service. Following retirement in 1959, he was sold to the Dock Railway. The CN logos on him got crossed out, and he was commissioned into service on March 2, 1960. Later in 1998, he was repainted all over in gray with gold lining and the Dock Railway logo in gold on both sides of his bunker. He stills work for the BCDR.


Cad is based on Canadian National 47, a preserved 4-6-4 tank locomotive in the United States of America.

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