Cabby is a wise cab-forward steam locomotive which works on the Dock Railway.

History Edit

Cabby was originally built as a SP class MC-2 and later rebuilt as a SP class AC-1, but after a collision with a slow moving tourist train that left him severely damaged he was rebuilt as a larger SP class AC-12 in 1944. He was going to be scrapped in the 50's but thanks to Casey Jones he was purchased cheap and has worked on the Dock Railway ever since.

Like his brother John, he was saved from scrap and they are the only cab-forward Southern Pacific locomotives preserved.

Basis Edit

Cabby is based on the Southern Pacific AC-12 4-8-8-2 steam locomotive.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Cabby's model was built from a unpainted HO Key Imports brass model of the AC-12. He is painted in Dock Railway blue and white and wears no. 445. His lights came from a N scale model of the AC-12 that was purchased for parts.

Voice Actor Edit

Cabby is voiced by Grant Goodeve. Grant also voices Bugsy.

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