C.F. is an Irish tug who used to work on the docks in Cork. He is Number 3 in the Rodos Moon Fleet.


C.F. was originally designed to be a tug narrow enough to travel up the River Lee to silver mines in the mountains, taking supplies up, and bringing garbage and silver down. However, all but one of the mines were closed before his completion, and as the last mine could be accessed by road, the descision was made to wilden C.F. (Hence the first part of his name, which means wide in Gaelic), and use him for regular bargework. His name was just Caol originally, and he was often ridiculed by the other tugs and called fat.

One night, C.F. was taking a garbage barge to the dock incinerators, when he noticed a crowd gathered around a crane.A 'suicide junkie' was planning to end his life, but on jumping from the crane, he found C.F.'s barge beneath him. The Port Authorities were so grateful, they added the name of the suicide junkie (Fionn) to C.F.'s name. This magnanimous gesture increased C.F.'s popularity immensley

When his company modernised, C.F. was sent to work in Ggibs City, but was abandoned when a strong current washed him into some rocks. Captain Moon found and restored him, and he has worked for the Moon Fleet ever since.


C.F. wears a tweed cap, with a lock of red hair protruding from underneath, indicating his Irish origins. His whistle is a deep single-note chime, which he sounds in long bursts.

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