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Bugsy is a soft-spoken, amiable New Mexican "tunnel motor" locomotive with an interest in all things touristy.


Bugsy was built in the 1970's for the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. His road number on the D&RGW and the Dock Railway is 5414. When the Rio Grande became part of the Southern Pacific railroad, Southern Pacific originally planned on scrapping him, but Casey Jones bought him cheap at the last second.

Still wearing his Rio Grande paint, he acts as a mentor to Jacqueline Hyde.

He has shown affection for Jane, and has become her "boytrain", and has even had Herbert become the "boytrain" of Jacqueline Hyde.


Bugsy is based off of a EMD SD40T-2.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Bugsy's model is a HO RTR SD40T-2 w/81" Nose, which was renumbered from 5371 using Microscale Rio Grande locomotive decals. Also, his number is a inside joke, as the SD40T-2's that the Rio Grande owned only went up to 5413.

Voice ArtistEdit

Bugsy is voiced by Grant Goodeve.