Bill Crosby is a very old tugboat. Back in 1982 he was named after the man who is an comedian and actor himself, he was built in 1970 and his name used to be Cross Bill, but cross bill was very cross and sensitive tug in the history. Many years later, he is renamed into Bill Crosby named after the comedian and actor himself. In 2014, he started to rust and his engine is old and covered in spider webs inside, and his manager decided to send him to the junk yard to be scraped but bill crosby dosen't want to be scraped, but his manager said he is a very old tug and he needed to be scraped, but not for long. In 8 months later bill crosby was fixed he is repainted with green and orange colors and his new engine is fitted and his old one was scraped in the junk yard. He is now as good as new again.

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