Bigg Retirement is the final episode of TUGS.

Plot Edit

It's the late 1950's, and Captain Star is getting old. He announces to his tugs that he is resigning as their captain and retiring. In his place comes a new captain- Captain Trump. The new captain starts off by firing Sunshine for no apparent reason. Next, Captain Trump renames the fleet to the Trump Fleet , paints all the tugs black like the Zero Fleet, and replaces their stars with red T's. After being fired, Sunshine joins the Z-Stacks, where he is renamed "Zunshine", and now the two fleets are even by the number of tugs they have.

Captain Trump made a vow to "Make Bigg City Port Great Again", but the tugs couldn't couldn't see how. They were given orders to deport Izzy Gomez and build a wall in the Gulf of Mexico to keep Mexican ships out. He also banned all Muslims from entering the port on any form of ship, although he openly accepted Chinese ships. At the same time, Captain Trump's wall wasn't really doing a great job keeping Mexican ships out, as they could easily sail around it.

Meanwhile, the former Captain Star is enjoying his life in the Bigg City Seaside Retirement Home. He had brought his megaphone with him, so he could still talk to his old fleet when he wanted to. One day, he heard from Ten Cents that it's a hard time with Captain Trump, as he fired Sunshine and now he's doing all these stupid things to the Port. Upon hearing this, the old Captain quits retirement, teams up with Captain Zero, and together they kill Captain Trump and get Captain Star's old fleet back.

Characters Edit

  • Captain Star
  • Ten Cents
  • Sunshine
  • Big Mac
  • Warrior
  • Hercules
  • Captain Zero
  • Zorran
  • Zak(cameo)
  • Zebeedee(does not speak)
  • Zip
  • Zug
  • Captain Trump
  • Izzy Gomez
  • Johnny Cuba
  • Unknown Chinese ship
  • Unknown ship carrying Muslims
  • Sally Seaplane(cameo)
  • Puffa(mentioned)

Trivia Edit

  • Captain Trump's first name is Donald.
  • The colors of the Star Fleet resemble the colors of Captain Trump's private jet.
  • O.J. did not appear in this episode, possibly because he had died in the events before this episode..
  • This entire thing was made as a joke.

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