This is the 100% true final episode of TUGS.

Plot Edit

It is the year of 2010 and Captain Star has been replaced by the new captain Captain Clinton. She renames the fleet the Clinton Fleet then she has them painted them in new colors of Red, White and Blue and replaces their stars with Yellow C's.

Meanwhile, Captain Zero retires and has been replaced by a musical rapper MC Hammer who raps his song U Can't Touch This. He became the new captain and renames the Z Stacks The Hammer Fleet, and then he orders them to talk and rap like him and wear sunglasses on their faces, and has them painted like his famous 90's clothing's colors and forces them to wear blackface.

The next thing you know, the Moon Fleet has been bought out by Jeb Bush, who renames the fleet the Jeb! Fleet. He repaints them in white, red, and blue and replaces their moons with the word "Jeb!" in red.

Captain Clinton orders that the Clinton and Hammer Fleets must be "Stronger Together", while Captain Hammer gives the construction tugs orders to build a wall around the United Kingdom to keep white people out. Meanwhile, the Jeb! Fleet decides to build a wall around Saudi Arabia to prevent terror attacks in Bigg City.

Meanwhile, the Golden Claws Fleet has been bought out by a Mexican drug lord called El Chapo, who renames them the Chapo Fleet and weathers them to look like rustbuckets, then replaces their gold-colored crabs with the Mexican flag. The Chapo Fleet then get arrested, then escape a record 150 times.

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