Bigg Problem is part of TUGS.


Narrator: it was another hot day in Bigg City Port. all the tugs where working hard and doing their jobs. Ten Cents and Sunshine were working out in the estuary, dredging,but little did they know what would happen next. Ten Cents and Sunshine where dredging in the estuary with Littl' John, when Ten Cents' engine blows and smoke shoots from his stack. Sunshine wonders what whent wrong, and Ten Cents explains that his engine is shot. He can't move, so Sunshine has to tow ten cents to luckys yard to be repaired. later on, back at the star Docks, Captain star tells the tugs that a Tugboat from upriver is coming to help. All of the Tugs are excited, But when Sunshine Finds out who it was, his jaw drops to his deck. It was his sister, Moonlight! Sunshine is so embarassed, He ran away, but his sister finds him and takes him back to the star dock. there, sunshine explained how he was sold to the Stars instead of Moonlight. All the tugs understand and go to sleep. The next mornig, captain star asks moonlight to go and begin moving barges at Lucky's yard for O.J. to pick up. She takes her barges and makes O.J. seach for them instead of putting them in the open for him to find them. Moonlight is then scolded by captain star, and is sent to help the coastgaurd. she zips along and around sunshine, instead of helping the coastgaurd, and runs aground on the seashore. Warrior brings mighty Moe, and Moonlight is lifted into a barge, where she is taken for repairs. after she is repaired, Moonlight goses and apoligizes to O.J., Sunshine, and the Coastgaurd. Tencents arives, and the all chat through the night.



  • This is the only episode to date where Moonlight has a speaking role.
  • Nobody knew Sunshine had a sister until now.


  • Sunshine eyes are wonky when he asks Ten Cents what happened.
  • Princess alice's Funnels look orange in the story


  • Sunshine- Ten Cents! you sound like your firebox is trying to burn a tin can!
  • Captain Star- Stop meddling and tell me why you hid the barges!
  • Moonlight- I wasplaying hide and seek!
  • princess alice- fuck you


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