Bigg Buyout is the real final episode of Tugs.

Plot Edit

It is 2013, and Captain Star has died. In his place comes a new captain, Captain Billy Mays, who was thought to have died back in 2009. The new captain starts off by renaming the fleet to the "Oxi Fleet: Owned by the makers of Oxi Clean", paints all the tugs blue, white and gold with the Oxi Clean logo and some bubbles, and replaces their stars with the logo for Church & Dwight.

Captain Billy Mays outfits the tugs with FM radios and Jupiter Jacks and forces all the crews to use his products.

Meanwhile, Vince Offer buys out the Z-Stacks and renames them to the "ShamWow Fleet" and forces them to talk like him and wear headpieces.

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