Puffa has been sitting in the siding waiting for work from the tugs. Both Stars and Zs haven't worked for weeks. Zoran couldn't handle waiting so he went up river. In Parkersberg he met Billy Shoepack,who was just leaving the Mail Building with a load of freshly shipped amunition. Shoepack told him not to go farther because a log jam of which he couldn't blow (mainly because he was out of dynamite). Zorran went on any way. You see the jam was close to the port and Zorran tried to break it. This almost sealed his fate. The jam's pressure burst throwing Zorran ashore. The blast of water washed the local fishing boats ashore even Franklin (which will be created later). The splash put a lot of work down the drain and ruined Bigg City Port. A few weeks later the some river towns, the lakeside village, and even part of Bigg City Port was abandoned, closed, and left to fade away.

It looks bad for the tugs but it will turn out.

NOTE: this is a revised version of Big Mistake.