Beverly is an 0-4-2T steam locomotive built by Baldwin Locomotive Works sometime around the 1900's and later purchased by the Oahu Railway and Land Company. She was stolen by the Imperial Japanese Navy as a war prize during the Attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 but was taken back by the Americans in 1945 during the Allied occupation of Japan. After being stored at Yokota Air Base for a long time, she was sold to the Dock Railway in 1978 where she regauged from narrow gauge to standard gauge, and currently she is used as a shunting engine.

Bio Edit

Beverly is nervous and most of the time is seen in the sheds shaking, after having been captured by the Japanese and then taken back during a war she thought was racist. She also has a hatred for strict people, and was once banned from work for a week after she ran over and killed the strict step-mother of an autistic child. Her motto is "Please, I'm not doing THAT!"

Basis Edit

Beverly is based off Oahu Railway & Land Company "Kauila" #6, a 0-4-2T steam locomotive based at the Hawaiian Railway Society located in Ewa, Hawaii, United States, on the island of Oahu.

Voice Actor Edit

Beverly is voiced by Donna Christie, using the voice she used for Cleo in the 1984 Heathcliff TV series.

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