Barclay is a highly disagreable barge who worked for the Star Fleet. He was bought by Captain Star after Frank was sent to be mended. He usually used to carry minerals from the Quarry Depot, although he was able to carry other things, such as Birch Trees. He complained about not being loaded fast enough, and regularly got in arguments with the Freight Cars and the barges near his dock.

One day, when Frank came back, he made immediate rivals with him, and participated in a race against the latter organized by Sunshine and Ten Cents, but he cheated, as instead of going through the canal like Frank, he hitched a ride with Zip and Zug as soon as he was out of sight.

While arguing with the barges and trucks one morning, he slammed into their dock, shaking Big mickey, the crane, and making the latter drop the load of birch trees onto himself. He was rescued by Frank.

When Captain Star decided he had not enough money to repair him, he was donated to the Bigg City Marine Museum, as a tourist attraction. He still remains there today, grumbling.


  • Ironically, the name Barclay means Meadow of Birch Trees, whereas Barclay was almost sunk by them.
  • Barclay is loosely based on Bulstrode, a character from the Railway Series book Toby, Trucks, and Trouble.

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