It was midnight when Zink returned to the dock. "Think what happened to me before all this. Before I was a Zed Stack, who was I?" he said quietly to him self. After awhile he fell asleep. His mind drifted in dreams when a figure came to view. "Who are you?" he thought as the figure vanished from his mind.Edit

"Wake up, Oy wake up!" "I think he's sleeping Zorran." "Course ee' is Zug." Suddenly a horn went off startling Zink awake. "Yes whats going on?" Zink asked. "Your jobs you numskull." Zak said. Zink went on doing his jobs, and collected Campo. "Whats with you Zink?" "Nothing." he replied. He was still trying to figure out all about his life. Not just being 102 in a small fishing village.Edit


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