Amanda Star-Jones (June 30, 1929) is Casey Jones' stepmother, and wife of Mr. Richard Jones. She works as a waitress at Bridge Café. She is the older sister of Jordan Star the current captain of the Star Fleet, and daughter of Jonathan Star. She sometime helps Mr. Jones with running the railway.


She and Jordan went to a high school in Bigg City Port where she met Richard and Mimi and became best friends with them. She was Mimi's maid when Richard and Mimi married and she helped Jordan on his first day as captain of the Star Fleet after their father retired. She like Splatter and Dodge, the Dock Railway and the Star Fleet. She was hired at Bridge Café for saving one of the waiters getting hurt. She and Richard got together after Richard and Mimi ended their marriage and Richard and Amanda got together and later married. She is now Casey Jones' stepmother, and Mr. Richard Jones' wife.


  • Her previous job before working at Bridge Café was being Captain Zero's assistant, however, she was fired for being friendly to the Star Fleet.
  • She dislike Burke and Blair for trying to get her car scrapped.

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