Allan was a big harbor tug bought from the Coal Company to tow big barges of coal down the coast. When he first arrived, all the Star Tugs were trying to get the Sand Company contract, and Top Hat was put in charge.
But he was very bossy, so Allan and Warrior decided to disobey Top Hat's orders, doing the job the way they intended. Soon, all the other Star Tugs had decided to disobey Top Hat too, causing him to get mad. He was so mad, he banged a tow of sand barges very hard. They floated into O.J, causing him to get covered with sand. Top Hat immediately realized that he had done wrong, and all the tugs pitched in ideas to help save O.J and get the contract.

Allan is a thrill seeker, but likes to do things his way. He is also somewhat stubborn. His knack for coal towing helped the star tugs out when the Gold Towing Company arrived in the port, as their main traffic was coal and ship docking, and he excelled at both. He speaks with a slight Irish accent.

Allan is based off the Pennsylvania Railroad tugboat Cleveland, a large tug owned by the Pennsylvania RR for coal towing.


Allan's prototype.

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