GM2 National Railway Museum Port Adelaide

Adelaide inside a station

Adelaide is a Australian diesel working on the Dock Railway. His number is GM35.


Adelaide was built in the 1960's by Clyde Engineering, Granville in Australia for Commonwealth Railways.

He was delivered to operate on the Trans-Australian Railway.

In July 1975 he was included in the transfer of Commonwealth Railways to Australian National. In 1985 he was hired to V/Line during a period of motive power shortage.

In 1998 Great Northern Rail Services purchased him from Australian Southern Railroad. He was going to be scrapped, but Casey Jones bought him cheap at the last second. He was shipped via Sydney Harbor to the United States, and upon arrival was fitted with handbars and a Transtronic E-bell.

He now works on the Dock Railway.

Basis Edit

Adelaide is based on the Commonwealth Railways GM class. He is painted in CR Maroon/Silver with the lettering "Dock Railway" on his sides.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Adelaide's model was built from a TrainOrama model of a GM class locomotive.

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