A New Captain is an episode.


Captain Star brings his son Jordan to the Star Dock and Captain Star is going to tell a story about the Star Dock and how the Star Fleet was created. In 1910, Captain Star who was known as Ronald Star that time was working at The Quarry with Captain Zero who was known as Darryl Zero that time. The Star Dock and The Zero Dock was the Jenkins Dock where Big Mac, Warrior, OJ, Zorran, Zebedee and Zak showed up at because they were part of the Jenkins Fleet. In 1920, the Jenkins Fleet closed and Ronald and Darryl decided to rebuild the Jenkins dock and have a fleet called The Star & Zero Fleet and they bought Big Mac, Warrior, OJ, Zorran, Zebedee and Zak then they bought Ten Cents, Top Hat, Hercules, Zip and Zug. In 1921, Captain Star and Captain Zero had ideas for the dock however, they got into an arguement and decided to spilt up the dock so they got each side of the dock and then  they had been rivals ever since. Then Captain Star said that he is going to retire and then he give it to Jordan making him the new Captain Star and then Jonathan say that his father gave him the company and now he will give it to him.


  • Jordan King smoked weed and become the captain of the Star Fleet in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Jonathan Star and Darryl Zero were once friends.
  • This is the only appearance of Darryl Zero.

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