609987 is a ALCO locomotive that works on the Dock Railway.


609987 is an older engine who worked on the Dock Railway many years ago. However, when hard times came, he was sold on and sent to work for a private owner's shortline railway. Later, as work grew again and the need for another engine came, Casey Jones tracked 609987 down and brought him home to the Dock Railway again. Back in the old days, 609987 was better known as ‘The Cool’, one of the fastest, and most cool, engine. He knows more about the railway, barges, hidden tracks and villages than any other engine, and loves to regale the younger engines with stories of the old days and his adventures on the old tracks on the Dock Railway. When Carla and Splatter heard about this, they thought he was only being boastful and challenged him to a race to see who was fastest. But 609987 soon found that he wasn’t as fast as he once was, but he was a lot more knowledgeable of the old tracks than Carla and Splatter were, and he used them to his advantage to outwit and outrun them.  The other engines suspected nothing, and it was only when Carla was derailed on a steep bend that 609987 owned up to his deceit.  However, he was good enough to lead a search party in order to put his knowledge to good use.  Thanks to 609987, Carla was found safe and sound and hauled home to the repair yards to be fixed.


609987 is based on a ALCO S1.

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